The Technicians at Reineke Honda are Brake Maintenance Specialists

Do you need help maintaining your brakes? Locals contact us because our certified service technicians are honest and courteous. We have fully equipped parts and service departments, so our clients never experience any delays. Make an appointment today!

When Our Services Are Needed

Most Honda automobiles in Findlay have unique braking systems. Because the weight specifications vary, many factors can influence how often the brakes should be checked. However, the brake pads on an average brake system will require maintenance once the automobile reaches 35,000 miles.

Key Considerations

Our service department in Findlay will be needed more often if you frequently stop your vehicle while driving at 65 mph or higher. This action triggers kinetic energy, which can seriously damage the brake pads. By stopping at a slower speed on freeways and highways, less kinetic energy will transfer to the brake components.

You can maintain and protect your brakes today by visiting our Honda dealership in Findlay, Ohio. To schedule an appointment in Findlay or Toledo, contact our customer service department or request parts online now. We also serve clients who own vehicles in Bowling, Green, and Lima.

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